George Yabu & Glenn Pushelberg

Designers, Yabu Pushelberg

Brought together serendipitously on the hunt for studio space over  30 years ago, founders George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg found in each other  an affinity for taking risks and presenting a strong point of view. 

The pair’s multidisciplinary approach was and is informed by an endless curiosity and driven by partnerships with thoughtful, creative like-minded people. Often taking them to faraway places before the  concept of a global design firm really existed.

Over the years, Yabu Pushelberg has worked with some of the world’s  leading innovators in the retail, hotel and hospitality industries. Evolving  to encompass all aspects of design, each project reflects an edited approach that transcends trends. With studios in Toronto and New York, and current  projects in over 16 countries, the same attention to detail and spirit of  exploration remains a hallmark of the firm.