Stephan Weishaupt has dedicated his life to creating the unexpected and the design world has taken notice.

“Ten years ago, I didn’t know what this would morph into – I just wanted to show things that are beautiful and unique. Now my vision is clear.”
Stephan Weishaupt

For curator Stephan Weishaupt, design is about relationships. Weishaupt’s intuition, world view, and above all, affinity for connecting people is what helps him bring the best of the world of design together into a truly original experience. 

Born and raised in Munich, Weishaupt’s relationship with his family — a long line of entrepreneurs, architects and carpenters — imparted his insatiable curiosity and appreciation of art and design. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences, Weishaupt worked in marketing for a luxury automotive conglomerate before establishing his own communications consultancy with an impressive roster of design and fashion clients.

His friendship with design legends George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg ignited the idea for a curated design experience that would bring undiscovered global talent to America. Together they founded AVENUE ROAD in 2007, with Weishaupt taking full control ownership in 2016.  

A decade later, Weishaupt’s unique taste has received many accolades, his homes having been featured by the likes of Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal, and Vogue. However, true to form, his focus and his measure of success is the quality of the relationships he’s built with the world’s top designers and brands who have come to trust him as a true collaborator.

Global recognition
Stephan in Architectural Digest

Stephan’s appreciation for the unexpected, coupled with the respect for authentic craftsmanship led him to join the Fogo Island Art Advisory Board in 2017. This new role, along with a continued expansion of the AVENUE ROAD experience across North America, and an all new standalone international furniture brand will undoubtedly be the foundation of many more inspiring relationships to come.

Stephan is an Advisory Board member