Stephan Weishaupt

For curator Stephan Weishaupt, design is about relationships. Weishaupt’s intuition, world view, and above all, affinity for connecting people is what helps him bring the best of the world of design together into a truly original experience. 

Born and raised in Munich, Weishaupt’s relationship with his family — a long line of entrepreneurs, architects, and carpenters — imparted his insatiable curiosity and appreciation of art and design. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences, Weishaupt worked in marketing for a luxury automotive conglomerate before establishing his own communications consultancy with an impressive roster of design and fashion clients.

His friendship with design legends George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg ignited the idea for a curated design experience that would bring undiscovered global talent to America. Together they founded AVENUE ROAD in 2007, with Weishaupt taking full ownership in 2016. A decade later, Weishaupt’s unique taste has received many accolades, his homes having been featured by the likes of Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal, and Vogue. However, true to form, his focus and his measure of success is the quality of the relationships he is built with the world’s top designers and brands who have come to trust him as a true collaborator.

Stephan Weishaupt’s appreciation for the unexpected, coupled with the respect for authentic craftsmanship led him to join the Fogo Island Art Advisory Board  in 2017. This role, along with a continued expansion of the Weishaupt Design Group portfolio will undoubtedly include many more inspiring relationships to come.


Working with integrity, grit and humour, our Group makes things happen. We share a collective passion, curiosity, and a creative approach to continuously deliver personal, meaningful experiences. All our teams work together with a thoughtful, forward-looking approach, prompting our clients and collaborators to expect the unexpected.

Great ideas come from everywhere, regardless of a person’s role or position - we truly believe everyone’s contribution matters. Here is a list of the people bringing great ideas and solutions to our business every day: 

Weishaupt Design Group

Al-Amin Balogun SAP B1 Manager  Basim El-Dakkak Warehouse Supervisor  Chance Snow-Shermet Inventory Product Specialist  Chris Godet Warehouse Manager  Ciara O’Brien-Jackson Executive Assistant to the Owner  Ciska Slabbert Director of Finance  Clarke Yin Director of Client Success  David Orellana HR Coordinator  Eduardo Sanz-Cadena Client Success Specialist Emily O’Gorman Director, Product & Vendor Relationships  Felipy Bertolini Architectural Design Specialist  Gabriel Moretto Sr. Logistics Coordinator  Heera Chagar Treasury Manager  Jay Geerts Warehouse Associate  Jean Unufegan Warehouse Associate  Jenny Wong Client Success Specialist  Joanne Cortese Director, 5oz.  Jonathon Litchfield Director, Brand & Experience  Juan Montano Enriquez Warehouse Asssociate  Julia Tunney Director, Project Management  Justin Vesak Warehouse Associate  Kathy Yu Product Information Specialist  Karishma Sharma Sales Administrator Kyle Burnell-Davis Logistics Coordinator  Laura Gutierrez Web Content Coordinator  Manuella Martin Marketing Coordinator  Mary Lim Purchasing Executive  Meredith Mednick Personal Finance Manager Michael Barr Managing Director, WDG  Mona Balsini Purchasing Executive  Muriel Revisa Manager, Digital Marketing  Muskoka Dittmar-McCallum Art & Production Specialist  Myrtle Jurado Sales Administration Supervisor  Nicole Asadzadehraj A/P Specialist  Nicole Lukkarinen Client Success Specialist  Omar Dakak Warehouse Associate  Orlando Security  Rachael Pinto Client Success Specialist  Reyes Ozuna Warehouse Associate  Samantha Sibley Jr. Project Manager  Sarah Kear Sales Administrator  Sarah Mackinnon Brand Production & Design Manager  Tara Crowley Logistics Manager  Terell Jervis Warehouse Associate  Tyler Admiraal Associate Director, Talent & Culture  Umair Usmani Financial Controller  Whitney Adam Sr. Director of Operations


Carlos Achoy Ramirez Event & Client Experience Coordinator  Dan Crystal Sales Executive  Erin Perri Project Sales Executive  Janet Stone Sr. Director, Sales & Business Development  Jenelle Wells Sales Executive  Sara Wetmore Sales Executive  Sean Newman Sr. Sales Executive Tazeen Rasiwala Architectural Sales Executive

AVENUE ROAD - Vancouver 

Andrew Campbell Sales Executive  Emma Barnett-Pierce Client Experience Coordinator  Kendra Carlson Associate Director  Sandra Bitelli Sales Executive  Sandra Kalil Architectural Sales Executive  Ying Wang Sales Executive  Yuyan Wei Sales Associate


Susan Sakin Director of Sales & Business Development  Douglas Callaway Sr. Sales Executive  Justine Tolentino Client Experience Coordinator  Kseniia Kelly Sales Executive  Melissa Stowell Sales Executive  Milo Penales Sales Executive  Pam Schlesinger Sales Associate


Cecilia Javier Reyes Client Experience Coordinator Daniel Valewink Sales Executive  Ilan Peisajovich Senior Sales Executive  Natalia Zurowska Architectural Designer


Adrienne Wheatley Sales Executive  Jasmine Chavez Client Experience Coordinator  Whitney King Sales Executive

Brandon Hogan Sales Director Sahar Mojab Director of Operations  Nicholas Frangione Operations Coordinator

Sonia Germain Executive Director  Bruce McKenzie Grounds Manager  Erin Smith Executive Chef 


Managing Director, Michael Barr, leads Weishaupt Design Group’s operations and cross functional teams, bringing a warmth and focus to each interaction. Drawing from a background in Marketing and Communications, and having been with Avenue Road since the beginning, Michael has a uniquely fine-tuned understanding of every facet of the business.

Michael is passionate about art and design and a committed member of the global design community, lending his expertise locally as a past Snowball gala committee member in support of Casey House and as a contributor to the IDS Advisory Group.

Joanne Cortese
Joanne is a passionate communicator and a global citizen, originally hailing from the UK, but having spent recent years living in Japan, Singapore, Germany, and Hong Kong, and now Canada, working predominantly in Art Galleries. Having spent her career selling a mixture of European, Asian and North American art, both Contemporary and Masterpieces, Joanne has worked in partnership with artists and curating shows in a diversity of contexts. 

Janet Stone, Avenue Road’s Toronto Director of Sales & Business Development is a Sales Leader with over 20 years’ experience in consultative selling and team management. Highly skilled at cultivating long term relationships within the design community, Janet has been recognized for her close collaboration with designers on domestic and international projects, from conception to completion.

Janet has been with Avenue Road since its inception in 2007, and has been a devotee ever since, bringing her own brand of practical enthusiasm for working with beautiful objects and talented people every day.

Emily O’Gorman
Director, Product & Vendor Relationships
An Irish native, Emily O’Gorman has 19 years diverse experience within the luxury CPG industry in both Europe and North America, having managed Operations and the Supply Chain within both large multi-national companies and smaller organizations. A strong & positive communicator, Emily applies her qualifications to support process re-engineering and growth for Avenue Road. 

In her spare time, Emily enjoys exploring her creative side through interior design and travel.

Jonathon Litchfield
Director, Brand & Experience
As Director of Brand & Experience, Jonathon ensures the quality and continuity of all points of contact with AVENUE ROAD. His passion for crafting authentic brand experiences has deep roots. Prior to building his own successful retail brand he spent 20 years refining and engineering all client touchpoints in retail, attractions, and hospitality for one of Canada’s leading tourism and hospitality companies. Jonathon is enriched by shared meals, belly laughs, and beauty, ideally close to nature. 

Sonia Germain brings to her role as Executive Director of Yellow Wood extensive experience within the global
design community and a deep sense of curiosity. Sonia is a strategic thinker with a sense of humour, flexibility, and the sensitivity required to work with diverse personalities and situations.

Outside of work, Sonia relishes adventures big and small, from summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to exploring Toronto’s multitude of parks and food purveyors.

Whitney Adam
Director of Operations
Whitney is a practiced Listener with the ability to get to the root of any problem; she also has the exceptional ability to communicate with ease and professionalism. Leading her team to delight clients and surpass their expectations, Whitney works with the goal of creating positive experiences and building confidence in the Avenue Road brand and service.

A self-described foodie, Whitney also dabbles in painting as a way to flex creative muscle.