Weishaupt Design Group is committed to providing a sustainable future for our company, collaborators and for our clients.  We value being active participants in both our local and global communities and uphold a responsibility to nurture and support the health of those communities through our business practices, our relationships, and our outreach. 

Responsibility for Weishaupt Design Group includes a concern for where our products come from, what they are composed of, how they are packaged and that they are made for longevity. Likewise, we support programs and initiatives designed to have a lasting and wide-reaching positive impact for generations to come. We endeavour, in all aspects of our business, to work only with partners that treat their employees with dignity and respect and ensure all our vendors and manufacturers have healthy and dignified work environments.

Weishaupt Design Group has designed an employee-led corporate social responsibility program which works to drive employee engagement, reduce our carbon footprint, and allow for positive social changes in our local and global communities, resulting in a better future for our planet. At the heart of our initiatives are the communities we partner with, contribute to and support.


Yellow Wood
A unique cultural project that brings together design, art, nature and people in ways that spark creative inspiration. Founded on the belief that design should be regenerative – it should both draw from and give back to the world - our ambition is to celebrate design and its place in the larger culture, through programming, creative collaboration and connection, in a spirit of reciprocal discovery. Launching in 2023.



Working with communities, local organizations and NGO’s to develop scalable reforestation projects.

WDG has made a 10-year commitment to support a reforestation project to protect water and biodiversity in Malawi, with over 100,000 trees funded to date.

Fogo Island Arts

A residency-based contemporary art venue, Fogo Island Arts provides support for artistic exploration and production.
These initiatives are part of a social enterprise-based business model that supports the economic viability of the Fogo Island Inn and the growth of tourism on Fogo Island.

WDG is part of the Founders Circle, and Stephan Weishaupt has been on the Advisory Borad since 2017.


Rainbow Railroad

Helps LGBT people escape persecution and violence.
WDG has supported Rainbow Railroad since 2016 through donations, outreach, and events.

Friends of Ruby Home

Provides a welcoming space for LGBTQI2S homeless youth in downtown Toronto.

WDG donated furnishings to a housing initiative created by Egale Canada providing a safe and comfortable environment for transitional and emergency housing, as well as mental health and wellness support services.


YWCA Toronto offers women a chance to build sustainable futures for themselves.

WDG donated teamwork and furnishings to redesign a family room for a local women’s shelter. 



Development of environmentally conscious packaging solutions for Man of Parts products, using recycled materials that are themselves also recyclable

Carbon Conscious

Commitment to reducing carbon footprint with off-sets, with a view towards eventual carbon neutral shipping.

Reduce waste in shipping through reduction, recycling, and reuse of materials.